Michael Symber Studios
A Fine Arts School


Michael Symber Studios is a Fine Arts school focused on offering the authentic art experience. We offer a welcoming, safe environment for ALL aspiring artists regardless of age, experience or needs. We teach with kindness, honesty and sincerity. Our studio is also ideal for the student craving more in-depth instruction, new mediums, advanced techniques, and more studio time. Come to learn about art for the first time, or come to work on your college portfolio. Each and every challenge makes us excited to teach!


We believe in the S.T.E.A.M. model (Science,Technology, Arts, Engineering, Math) as a teaching method, though, we make the art the central hub. The multi-connectedness of art creates an opportunity to bridge thinking to so many other content areas. Differentiating individual learning styles, and connecting to student interests means success for each unique artist.

Practice and planning are paramount to my teaching. End products are not always as important as is the journey of making art. Very often students and teachers are rushed in a regular classroom setting. A studio culture built on extended learning and and increased work-time can build focus and stamina.

Artists are people who like to create their own problems to solve. Journaling, sketching and planning are an excellent way of working. We create a ‘hypothesis’ of sorts to be tested through the artistic process. Just as there is a scientific process, there is an artistic process.

Connecting prior knowledge can build students' confidence quickly. My years of experience being a teacher and working artist allows me to be astute to the challenges that my students will encounter. What is taken for granted by one student may be the most frustrating skill for another. In this studio, students create without judgement, without time restrictions, and without expectation.

At Michael Symber Studios we spiral our curriculum. This means that we build one set of skills upon the next. Re-teaching is powerful, but more so when skills are transferred and strengthened in a new context. When students connect disciplines, concepts, and cultures, powerful learning happens. We encourage risk-taking, and model growth mindset learning via critiques delivered with honesty and kindness.

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