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The Paintings of Joan Miro (7th - 12th Grade)

4 - 90 minute Sessions

The artist Joan Miro once said, " I always have my feet on the ground, and my eyes on the stars.  It represents my flight toward infinity, toward the sky,  while remaining on earth."

Joan Miro was a Spanish painter, sculptor, and ceramicist.  He was born April 20th, 1893.  Can you believe that he and Pablo Picasso were great friends throughout their lives, and were often inspired by each other?   While Joan began drawing and painting in a fairly representational style, it was abstraction that allowed him to bring his hopeful, child-like visions to life.  In his paintings, simplified forms of birds, stars, galaxies and angels float over a softer dynamic ground.  This often gives the impression of floating through the sky, or underwater.  In this class, students will have the same freedom from traditional horizon lines. 

The way that I have chosen to teach this class is to align the aspects of Miro's composition with the parts of the story.  The background is the exposition, the lines are the conflict, the color is the denouement, and revision is our conclusion. Painting is writing for visual artists. We will invent a language of pictures to float through our compositions.

Students will learn the value of making "studies" about their final work. They will investigate the color wheel, warm and cool colors, outlining, positive and negative space, and the use of symbols. Joan Miro truly teaches us to connect our artistic skills to our imagination!

4 Weekly Meetings / 90 Minutes each / Materials Included

Price: $140.00

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The Paintings of Joan Miro (7th - 12th Grade)
The Paintings of Joan Miro (7th - 12th Grade)
The Paintings of Joan Miro (7th - 12th Grade)
The Paintings of Joan Miro (7th - 12th Grade)
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