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Open Studio/ Adult by Invite Only

This class is designed as an ongoing open studio.  It is offered by invitation to students already enrolled in our classes, who show a unique level of interest and dedication toward their artwork.  They may seek guidance about a certain body of work, or need additional studio time to practice skills.  Before enrolling, instructors and students discuss a proposed goal, and plan to work on it independently. 

It is a challenge for all of us to work in a space with other artists.  We must learn to respect each others time, focus, ideas and style of working.  We love the social aspect for artists to share and help each other, but this is also a true dedicated time for an artist of any age to feel like they have started their career! 

It meets 4 times for 90 minutes just like other classes. Right now, due to covid, we must offer this class to limited numbers, but please contact us whether you are a current student or not so that we may support your goals!

Price: $80.00

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Open Studio/ Adult by Invite Only
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